Unlike most California vineyards, our vines are not grafted on pest resistant rootstock because we do not have phylloxera in the soil, rather, our vines are what is termed “own-rooted” and they are flourishing nicely.

The cabernet sauvignon is Clone 7; the cabernet franc Clone 1.

As the vines mature, the yearly pruning becomes critical so that each arm gets the right number of buds. Pruning is very personal and a labor of love that only we perform to insure that the plant is healthy and fruitful. No two vines are the same. Once the fruit is set, the focus is on balance and daily monitoring of plant well-being.

There is no mechanized picking at harvest. Each grape cluster is handpicked with quality control in mind.

John and Luna the white dog
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    John and Luna the white dog
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    Vineyard in the snow
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    Grape clusters
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    John in vineyard
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    Long distance view of vineyard
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    Vineyard overlooking mountains
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